Wheat harvest is coming, the harvester wheat harvest operation process should pay attention to: engine high temperature fault analysis and treatment

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The annual wheat harvest is coming, wheat is one of the three most important food crops (wheat, rice, corn), in the summer big harvester harvest wheat, one of the most likely problems is the engine high problem, if the engine is not dealt with in time after high temperature, will cause engine high temperature pull cylinder and other serious problems, once the engine failure due to high temperature, More than within the scope of three packages, affect the normal use of harvester operations, seriously affect the user's work and earning income. So what is engine heat? How hot is an engine? Does the engine dare to work when the water temperature reaches 90? Let's break it down.

In fact, the engine high temperature in the use of harvester, usually refers to the engine water temperature above 95℃, if the engine water temperature exceeds 95℃, or the engine has been boiling (engine boiling water tank cover will have white steam), at this time must stop immediately, such as water temperature drops after checking the engine high temperature cause, Work again after the high temperature fault is removed. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the engine, such as high temperature pull cylinder. If the engine water temperature in use does not exceed 95℃, below 95℃, the user can be assured to boldly use, at this time, the higher the water temperature, the higher the engine thermal efficiency.

In fact, most of the current China III engines have high temperature early warning and protection functions, and the set value is generally above 100℃. Different brands of engines have different technical parameters. Some models have high temperature early warning protection set at 102℃, some at 103℃, and some at 105℃. The engine will alarm and stop accelerating. That is to say, at this time you go to step on the engine accelerator is not added speed, that is, we often say that the engine high temperature protection function is opened.

The normal working temperature of the engine is generally 80-90℃. When it is about 90℃, it is the best working temperature of the engine. You do not have to mind and can be assured to use it boldly.

The high temperature of wheat harvester in use is caused by objective factors and subjective reasons. In the objective factors, one is the summer weather is hot, the environmental temperature is high, the wheat field is stuffy, not easy to heat; Second, wheat straw, grass clippings, dust and so on more, easy adsorption on the radiator of the tank, not easy to fall off, resulting in poor heat dissipation, so that the engine high temperature.

Among the subjective reasons, one is that the user does not clean the harvester water tank in time, and the radiator and guard of the water tank are blocked by dust, grass clippings and other debris, which cannot effectively ventilate and cool down, affecting the heat dissipation effect and causing high temperature. Second, the thermostat fault, thermostat can not be opened, cooling water can not form large circulation, resulting in poor heat dissipation, so that the engine high temperature; Third, the fan belt is loose, so that the fan speed is insufficient, cooling capacity is reduced, resulting in high temperature engine; Four is insufficient water tank cooling water, cooling water shortage caused by pipeline leakage, water seepage, overflow water pipe to overflow water, water tank cover failure, high temperature engine after insufficient cooling water; Fifth, there is a blockage in the cooling water circulation pipeline, resulting in poor cooling water circulation and high temperature; Sixth, the unreasonable assembly position of the water tank guard and fan causes poor ventilation and heat dissipation of the water tank, affects the heat dissipation effect of the water tank, and makes the engine high temperature; Seven is the radiator area and the engine does not match, resulting in poor heat dissipation, so that the engine high temperature.

For the objective causes of engine high temperature we can not solve, but for the subjective causes of engine high temperature, we should actively deal with, reduce the occurrence of high temperature failures: first, to wheat harvesting operations to timely clean the engine water tank, to ensure that the water tank clean, not blocked; Second, if the thermostat is faulty, the thermostat can be removed or replaced with a better quality thermostat. Because it is working in summer, it has little impact on engine performance if the thermostat is not installed; Third, check the tension of fan belt every day, or check the tension of fan belt when cleaning the water tank, and find that loose and timely tensioning; Four is to regularly check the cooling water, found insufficient timely replenishment, and check the cause of insufficient cooling water and exclude; Five is for the water pump failure, water tank damage, to replace in time; Sixth, when installing the water tank, it is necessary to pay attention to the relative position of the water tank guard and the fan in line with the installation technical requirements to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation effect; Seven is the use of positive and negative fan technical function, such as is transferred to the engine body blow heat dissipation, reverse blow down the tank shield adsorption blocked debris, so as to facilitate timely cleaning of the tank; Eight is to analyze the matching of the radiator area and the engine, to ensure that the radiator has enough cooling capacity.