The principle of a four wheel pesticide applicator

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The emergence and development of any industry cannot be separated from the progress of science and technology, which is also the promotion of the industry caused by the continuous expansion of market demand, prompting relevant personnel to constantly update and replace products. Therefore, in the processing industry, this requirement is even more common. For example, the processing of four-wheel medicine machines is also moving from traditional processes to more advanced technology processing. What are its principles? What should we pay attention to when using it at the same time?


The soil and rock pickup launched by the four wheel pesticide applicator has many characteristics: it can excavate to a depth of 30 centimeters, whether it is farmland or wasteland. The rocks, tree roots, and stumps separated from the soil cross the top of the separation zone and are transported to the hopper at the back of the machine or dumped on the ground. The engine is mainly driven by the output shaft of the tractor, and can also be driven by the hydraulic transmission device of the tractor. The quarry is equipped with a 60 to 120 horsepower rear wheel drive four wheel tractor. The power of the four wheel pesticide applicator drives the walking machine, while also driving the excavator to excavate soil. Through a row of chains, stones and soil of different sizes are transported to the auger. The spiral drill of the four wheel pesticide applicator rotates and drips into the ground, and the stones rotate at the back of the machine. It can sort about 20 centimeters of stones and soil, with a working width of 160 centimeters. Clean sorting and high work efficiency. This model is reliable, durable, and easy to clean. The four wheel pesticide applicator is a simple and intelligent multifunctional agricultural tool. It has a wide range of applications, including agriculture, landscaping, architecture, industry, commerce, and residential areas.

This series of four wheel applicators is of advanced domestic level and can work in harsh environments, with fast, clean, and efficient collection. Compared with foreign countries, due to the early development of soil and rock harvesters, they have received certain attention and promotion in the field of agricultural machinery. The four wheel pesticide applicator has a reasonable structure, convenient operation, simple and easy to learn, reliable performance, and safe driving. It is very suitable for agricultural spraying operations in China.

The fog particles produced by the four wheel pesticide applicator have the characteristics of small diameter, large number of fog particles, and are suspended, evenly distributed and well diffused, which is beneficial for killing flying insects. It can not only prevent insects but also disinfect the environment, with good results. The crop spraying of the four wheel pesticide applicator should be carried out on sunny days with good air quality. It is not suitable to work at night, in dense fog, thunderstorm weather, hot and scorching heat, or in environments with a large number of people and livestock.

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