Use of Four Wheel Dispenser

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The development prospects of the four-wheel applicator industry are very promising, as it brings many benefits to the enterprise during use, so it is highly favored by customers. In order to make everyone more familiar with it, understand its daily use, and better bring benefits to the enterprise, let's talk about some small knowledge points related to the four-wheel applicator, hoping to help more people and bring more benefits.


Before the construction of the four wheel pesticide applicator, qualified and effective work protective equipment must be used. When spraying, pay attention to the wind direction and try to spray along the wind as much as possible to avoid poisoning. When preparing the medicine solution, it should be strictly carried out in proportion and necessary order. Delivery personnel must use complete occupational safety equipment. After the preparation work is completed, tidy up the empty bottles and do not litter them. During homework, the four wheel applicator must operate at a uniform speed. After the spraying operation is completed, continue to spray with clean water for a few minutes to clean the remaining liquid in the liquid pump and pipeline, and then dehydrate for a few more minutes to drain the remaining water in the pump. The mask and goggles are clean.

Four wheel pesticide applicator, four wheel drive, multiple functions per machine, with a medicine box capacity of 700 liters. It can be used for spraying in wheat and corn fields, as well as in paddy fields. It can also be used for spraying operations in cotton fields, nurseries, vegetable gardens, and other places. It sprays one acre of soil in one minute, resulting in very high work efficiency.

However, many people who purchase this four wheel applicator are beginners and blindly spray without understanding or familiarizing themselves with the operating procedures, causing many safety hazards. Today, the editor will provide a detailed introduction to the use of syringes and the precautions during operation. After watching it, you become an "old driver". The four wheel applicator should be strictly inspected before spraying. Before starting the engine, check whether the lubricating oil in the liquid pump is within the specified oil level range, whether the air pressure is sufficient, and whether the lubricating oil and fuel in the engine are sufficient. Test spray the four wheel applicator with clean water to see if there are any leaks and eliminate them as soon as possible. If the screws, bolts, etc. on the machine are loose, check that everything is normal before proceeding with field spraying.

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