Main features of self-propelled spray bar spray

Release time:2023-09-19    Click:166

1. The liquid medicine tank has a large capacity, long spraying time, and high operational efficiency.

The liquid pump of the spraying machine adopts a multi cylinder diaphragm pump, with a large displacement and reliable operation.

3. The spray bar adopts a single point suspension balance mechanism, which has a good balance effect.

4. The spray bar adopts a pull rod turntable folding mechanism, and the lifting, unfolding, and folding of the spray bar can be controlled by operating the hydraulic cylinder in the driver's cab, which is convenient and labor-saving to operate.

5. The spray liquid pump on the machine can be directly used to add water to the medicine liquid tank. The water adding pipeline is connected to the spray machine with a quick connector, which is convenient and fast to assemble and disassemble.

6. The spraying pipeline system has multi-level filtration to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked during the operation process.

7. The liquid medicine in the liquid medicine tank is stirred by the backwater jet, which can ensure that the concentration of liquid medicine is uniform and consistent during the spray operation.

8. The medicine tank and anti drip nozzle are made of engineering plastic

9. It can be equipped with a top cutter and fertilizer applicator