Why are wheeled tractors more popular than crawlers in China

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In the last century before the 1990s, the market crawler tractor is still a lot, the most famous is the East red 75, East red 802 tractor, the old generation of agricultural machinery on the east red chain rail tractor is very emotional, a mention of the East red chain rail car will be bright eyes. Which makes you wonder where all the crawler tractors have gone. Why is it all gone? What caused both manufacturers and consumers to abandon it?

The first tractor produced by the People's Republic of China was the Oriental Red Chain tractor produced by Luoyang Yituo. The original farm where I worked, all the tasks of plowing and raking were Oriental Red 75 chain rail tractors, but the tracks of the former crawler tractors were steel (farm custom said chain rail tractors), and now the tracks of the crawler tractors are rubber.

After entering the 1990s, with the implementation of the joint production contract responsibility system and the introduction of a large number of foreign high-horsepower wheeled tractors, the rise of domestic wheeled tractors, crawler tractors gradually declined until disappeared, so that now it is rare to see an Oriental red crawler tractors.

Why would a high-powered wheeled tractor replace a tracked tractor?

1, the tracks of the old crawler tractor are made of steel, walking on the road will crush the pavement, not allowed on the road, field transport, daily movement and so on is very inconvenient.

2. The maintenance of the track part and the walking gear system of the old crawler tractor is more complicated, and the maintenance of the shift should be carried out, the failure rate is also higher, and it is very inconvenient to use.

3, the driver labor intensity, the steering system of the old tracked tractor is controlled by two hand bars, pure mechanical without power, work a day down, very tired.

4, the old crawler tractor noise is very big, we are in the open time is to take earplugs, long-term open crawler tractor, hearing will be affected.

5, the old crawler tractor starting difficulty, he is to use a small gasoline engine to start, and then drive the main engine of the tractor to start, winter to start for a long time to get up the car.

These problems are almost all gone in the new wheeled tractor. In addition, after the joint production contract responsibility system, the land area is getting smaller and smaller, the land is being plowed less and less, and the rotary tillage is becoming more and more, and the crawler tractor is gradually replaced by wheeled tractor.

Let's take a look at the comparison: the same load bearing, the crawler type of force area is larger than the wheel type, the pressure is small, so in the same road conditions under the same maximum limited pressure, crawler type can carry more load. The contact mode between crawler type and ground belongs to continuous surface contact, while wheel type is discontinuous line contact, which results in poor passability of wheeled vehicle under complex road conditions. For example, when encountering drains and high protruding objects, relatively speaking, crawler type does not have so many problems. But that's not to say that wheels are bad. One of the biggest benefits of wheels is that they are very maneuverable. Last year, Wevirtue launched a wheeled tractor that can easily run at 120Km/h, which is as fast as a family car. And wheeled tractors are not as expensive and easy to break down as crawlers.

Let's go back to the problem of passability. Since four wheels have poor passability, I will simply add three or four wheels. This method is as simple and crude as the large wheeled tractors you often see used on large farms at home and abroad.

However, the advantages of track tractors are outstanding, such as:

1, the traction is large, because the ground area of the force is more than that of the wheeled tractor, so at the same horsepower, its traction is larger.

2, anti jolting performance is good, previously in the farm rake, had used the wheel car each chain rail car to do comparison, the wheel car in the rake, too bumpy, so that the driver is not willing to use the wheel car to carry out the rake operation. (This place explains that the farming mode of the farm is very different from the farming mode of rural and small family farms. Farms in the north are generally ploughed or deep-sowed and raked. Rural and family farms are generally rotary tillage, which is generally shallow and long-term rotating tillage is not good for the soil.

3, the ground area is large, the soil compaction and damage is small, not easy to slip, easier to play the characteristics of good traction performance.

4, now the tracks are rubber, no damage to the road surface, the basic maintenance and wheeled tractor difference is not big.

Based on these advantages, there will be more and more new crawler tractors in the near future.