Self-propelled sprayer

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Self propelled sprayers, also known as sprayers, belong to portable agricultural machinery.

Agricultural smoke machines are suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and pests in forests, nurseries, orchards, and tea gardens, as well as in large fields such as cotton, wheat, rice, corn, and large grasslands. They are also suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and pests in garden plants, vegetable gardens, and material greenhouses in cities and suburbs. They are also suitable for the hygiene of hospitals, conference rooms, cinemas, sports venues, docks, stations, buses, and passenger trains, as well as for urban sewage and heating channels, basements Handling of air voids and various cargo warehouses.

1. Supporting power: 75 horsepower, driving speed: 20 km/h, hydraulic form: six cylinder diaphragm pump

5. Structural size: (mm) 4100 × two thousand and two hundred × 3100 (transportation status), 4100 × ten thousand × 3100 (working state)

6. Overall weight: (kg) 5000 (unloaded)

7. Medicine box volume: (L) 2800 8, spray width: (m) 21

9. Spray rod form: five sections, manually folded, spray width of 21m (can be closed in sections)

10. Spray bar height: (mm) 500-1850 adjustable

11. Rear wheel track width (mm) 1900-2600 adjustable 12. Working pressure: (MPa) 0.2-0.5 adjustable

13. Liquid pump flow rate: (L/min) 80-100