What are the precautions for using a corn sprayer?

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What are the precautions for using a corn sprayer?


Corn sprayer is a kind of spray suitable for barley crops. Due to the relatively high frame of the spraying truck, it can walk in corn fields and is less likely to harm crops. The utility model has the advantages of large charge amount, high spray efficiency and good atomization effect. Corn sprayer is divided into corn elevated spray, high stem corn sprayer, corn sprayer and corn sprayer. The corn elevated spraying truck is suitable for spraying machinery of barley crops, mainly composed of an elevated spraying truck and a spraying rod.

High stem corn sprayer, corn sprayer and corn spray are applicable to the prevention and control of diseases and pests in the later stage of corn and the second generation of corn armyworm. Before the first use, users should carefully read the manual to clarify the safety operation procedures and the safety signs of hazardous components indicated in the manual. Before each operation season, check the working parts on the spray for cracks and deformation. Before each use of the machine, the safety signs, operating instructions, and product labels on the machine should be checked for damage. If there is any damage, it should be promptly repaired.

Ensure that all personnel are away from the hazardous area of the machine. The driver can only start the machine in the driving position and cannot leave the driving position after starting. During operation and driving, it is forbidden to carry people or objects anywhere on the spray. Ensure that all operating control devices (ropes, cables, connecting rods, etc.) are installed correctly to prevent accidents caused by sudden bouncing. The directional accuracy and ground adhesion of the sprayer are influenced by field conditions. Therefore, full attention should be paid to all special situations when driving. Ensure that the tire pressure is normal and consistent.

Do not stand in the working area of the machine, the machine operator can only have one person. Before leaving the spray or making any adjustments, turn off the engine and pull the key out of the key hole. Only after confirming that all moving parts have stopped operation can you leave or repair the spray. When working or parking on a slope, do not stand in front of the machine unless the handbrake is tightened and there are obstacles under the wheels. Before adjusting, repairing, and maintaining the machine, please ensure that it does not suddenly and unexpectedly start. When the engine leaves the factory, it is not allowed to arbitrarily increase or decrease the rated speed. During work, it is not allowed to dismantle peripheral equipment and any safety protection devices without authorization, otherwise the consequences will be borne by oneself. It is strictly prohibited to weld diesel tanks arbitrarily. Welders with professional qualifications for welding high-pressure vessels are required to perform welding, otherwise explosion may occur. Do not use special working fluids during transportation. The nozzle should be folded and lowered to a lower position, and securely locked to prevent accidents.

Preventive preparation before operating the machine: Do not wear loose clothes, and wear a protective hat when growing long hair, otherwise it is easy to get entangled by rotating machine parts. Wear personal safety equipment (work clothes, gloves, shoes, and other corresponding equipment) according to the instructions for spraying medication.