What are the characteristics of dryland spraying machine?

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What are the characteristics of dryland spraying machine?

Dryland spraying machine is used in agricultural cultivation, used to spray crops and pests and diseases of the equipment. With the development of agricultural economy, the application of spraying machine is also more and more widely, then what are the characteristics of the spray machine? Here we all together to explore:

First of all, dry soil spraying machine aerosol performance is better, replace the spray parts can be used for different ways of spraying operations, more adaptable. Although the body is heavier, fewer parts of the spray, etc., but still welcomed by the user.

Second, the dry land spraying machine spray large, fog thick, far range, control rice pest effect is remarkable. It can also be in the water pump is not dehydrated, the engine does not turn off the state under the field transfer, improve the time of use of spraying.

Dry land spray machine features to introduce these, we hope to help!sprayer.jpg