Self - propelled wheat harvesters main troubleshooting methods

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One, harvester running food (cleaning loss large)

1, first check the engine speed is in place.

The engine must be in the maximum throttle work, the foot throttle step in the end, the hook on the throttle, the engine pump arm should be no gap, this time the axial flow of the drum to 1150 ± 20 rpm / If the engine speed is too high, it will lead to excessive air flow, vibrating screen vibration frequency too fast, will run from the bran food. If the engine speed is too low, it will lead to air volume is too small and paste sieve, from the screen surface running food. In the harvest process, individual users because of the slow harvest and secretly increase the speed of the engine, resulting in running food. In addition, check the speed at the same time, should check whether the air filter is blocked, otherwise it will cause insufficient intake air, so that the engine power down and speed.

2, and then check the tension of the belt.

Should check the 4HB1970 main clutch belt tension, when the main clutch hanging, the compression spring compression length of 36-37mm. At the same time should check the three C2500 Valley belt tension. Otherwise the belt should be slipped and the working parts will be reduced in speed. And should check the HI3821 fan belt, or due to slip caused by small air volume.

3, and then check the size of the air volume

From the row of bristles after the rear cover of the rear part of the Ying bran, during which if the grain, indicating that the air volume is too large, can adjust the air volume by adjusting the wind board. If the vibrating screen from the baffle at the junction of bran, during which there are grains, indicating that the air flow is too small and stacked on the screen surface, through the air conditioning board to adjust the amount of small air. In addition: the fan pulley intermediate addition and subtraction adjustment gasket can change the fan shaft speed and change the air volume.

4, and then check the sieve opening.

On the screen, the next screen to 2/3 opening is appropriate, the upper part of the screen slightly higher than the front 5 ° or so. Sieve more than 1/3 is appropriate, in the case of non-blocking off the device, the miscellaneous screen as much as possible to open a large number, in order to help reduce the loss of the election. For the early harvest, the crop is more wet, the opening should be larger, the screen can be fully open. Otherwise, may cause paste screen, from the screen surface running food. For the late harvest, the crop is dry, fragile, the election load heavy, then need a larger air volume, and the sieve opening should not be too large. Otherwise, will cause the run from the bran.

5, and then check the threshing gap.

Factory state activities concave plate gap is 10mm, generally adjusted to 15mm, in the absence of entrainment, the gap the bigger the better. For difficult to off, wet crops, adjustable gap smaller, otherwise it will cause entrainment loss. For dry crops, the gap is adjustable, otherwise it will cause the election load is too heavy and the screen surface running food.

6, and then check the cut flow, axial chute plate is blocked. In particular, there is a blockage between the chute and the throwing axis.

7,6.0A should check the vibration of the independent jitter plate and the staircase board is dead? At the same time check the two sides and the front side of the sealing film whether there is leakage gap?

In addition, the miscellaneous curtains, off the valley curtains off and clear, thawing gap seal or seal off, etc., will also cause leakage loss.

Second, the loss of large entrainment

1, first check the engine speed

The engine speed is too low, the separation of grain and stem is poor and caused by entrainment. So first check the foot throttle pull line tension, the accelerator pedal step on the end, hanging on the throttle, the engine high-pressure pump arm can be no gap. And then check the main clutch 4HB1970 with tension, the main clutch hanging, the main clutch compression spring compression of the length of 36-37mm can be. And then check the threshing chamber C2500 belt tension, the three trough tension wheel tension to 125N of the pressure belt in the middle, the deflection can be 8mm.

2, and then check the threshing gap

Threshing gap is too large, the crop flow resistance is small, the flow rate is too fast, the grain is not completely separated and discharged. Thus, for wet crops, the threshing gap is small. For dry crops, the threshing gap is a large value.

3, and then check the clearance of the axial roller separation section

The factory state gap is 18 ± 1mm. If necessary, the left side of the axial roller can be reduced to reduce the separation gap.

4, the crop is too wet.

In the middle of the left side of the concave plate angle 3 M10 reserved hole plus 2-3 separate tooth nails. In addition may be appropriate to improve the engine speed, so that the axial flow of the drum speed of 1170-1190 r / min, the effect can be. Special attention, this year's axial roller has three tooth rod plus the separation plate, can not add the separation of the nail.

5, check the cut flow, axial chrome plate is blocked.

Third, the re-off plug serious

1, excessive sieve opening degree is too large. Crops enter the flush too much, heavy off the load too heavy. The oversize screen sieve opening degree of 1/3, or even completely closed.

2, the air volume is too small. Crops on the screen surface will increase the wind turbine on both sides of the fan opening to increase.

3, HI3821 belt loose. Belt loose, slippery, impeller delivery ability is poor. Re-tension the belt.

4, the upper and lower sieve opening small. The grain through the sieve through the poor, the grain backward, increase the re-off load. The upper and lower sieve opening to open large.

5, complex off impeller deformation serious. After deformation, the impeller and the washboard gap is too large, poor delivery capacity. Rectification or replacement.

6, off the spring torque is not enough. Tighten the M24 nut so that the torque reaches 50-80N.M. If annealing, replace the spring.

Four, turned heavy

1, hydraulic oil or model is not enough. Hydraulic oil surface should be about 60mm from the tank surface. Hydraulic oil model for the HM-68 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

2, single stable shunt valve blockage. Will be a single stable flow valve M27 screw plug to remove, in turn remove the spring, damping plug, spool, clean up foreign body.

3, CB-25 gear pump fuel supply is insufficient. Gear pump vent, need to be replaced. C1821 gear pump belt loose, slippery, need to tension.

4, YS40E (YS50E) steering cylinder port blockage. Clean up foreign matter.

5, BZZ-80 diverter blockage. Spool plug, clean or replace.

6, the pipeline in the gas. Will be turned to the left side of the tub tubing loose, right direction, remove the gas in the pipeline, and then tighten. And then loosen the right side of the tubing, left to play the direction, remove the gas after tightening.

Fifth, cutting Taiwan slow down

1, hydraulic oil or model is not enough. Hydraulic oil surface should be about 60mm from the tank surface. Hydraulic oil model for the HM-68 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

2, hydraulic control box rod adjustment is not in place. Loosen the connecting fork at one end of the tie rod to adjust the length of the lever so that the spool stroke meets the requirements.

3, gear pump vent. Due to dirty oil and other reasons, will cause gear pump wear, resulting in the gear pump leakage and lack of oil. Need to be replaced.

4, slow down the valve block. Cutting the big cylinder at the buffer valve is not completely blocked, resulting in inadequate oil.

5, multi-way valve in the safety valve to open low pressure. Multi-way valve into the valve has a safety valve, loose cap, the screw into the first, then open the pressure rise.

Six, gearbox shift file difficult, picking difficult

1, shift the tie rod is not ready or the ball loose, resulting in pick the block is not in place, because there are interlocking institutions, another file also can not hang.

2, the clutch of the free travel is too large, the friction plate in a semi-separated state.

Loosen the clutch lever of the clutch lever to shorten the length of the lever so that the free travel is 20-30mm.

3, small brake shoes and brake wheel clearance is too large

Loosen the cap on the right side of the brake fader to adjust the position of the compression spring to ensure that the clearance between the brake shoe and the brake wheel is about 1 mm.

4, gearbox interlocking mechanism will be linked to the shaft stuck (file can not hang, pick no less, also known as random file)

Remove the shift lever (left side), the optional crossbar (right side), adjust the gearbox to the neutral position, and then adjust the shift handle to the vertical state, adjust the shift, the length of the selector lever, Relay mechanism and shift shaft can be.

5, gearbox input pulley 6207 bearing burned, input gear shaft and pulley with turn. Replace the 6207 bearing.

Seven, the operation of hydraulic unloading grain should be noted:

1, in the unloading grain cylinder is fully extended before (unloading oil cylinder fully retracted), is strictly prohibited joint unloading handle. Or easy to damage the end of the end of the end of the dragon support and universal joints.

2, in the process of unloading or unloading grain handling handle is not separated before the operation is strictly prohibited unloading oil cylinder hydraulic handle. Or easy to damage the end of the grain and the end of the seat, the right FC206 bearing seat.

3, in the unloading of grain transmission parts are not static before, is strictly prohibited to recover grain unloading tube. Or easy to cause unloading the end of the end of the dragon bearing and universal joint damage.

4, regularly check the unloading clutch, to ensure reliable belt connection, separation thoroughly.

Eight, manipulation of electric unloading should pay attention to:

1, in the unloading tank closed, or unloading tank open to put in the end, it is strictly prohibited to hold down the unloading motor switch. Otherwise easy to burn the unloading motor.

2, in the unloading tank closed state, it is strictly prohibited to join the unloading truck handle. Otherwise easy to damage the unloading tank.

3, to ensure that the unloading tank in the closed state before the harvest operation. Otherwise easy to unload grain from the grain discharge.

4, unloading grain motor replacement: unloading grain motor damage, the unloading tank should be open down, disconnect the motor wiring harness, remove the motor base and the cab fixed four bolts, from the top can be removed