Composition and principle of self-propelled spraying machine

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The self-propelled spraying machine has small smoke particles, and with the addition of oil, it is resistant to rain erosion, has good efficacy, and has good prevention and control effects. Rainy weather has little impact on the spraying of smoke. The self-propelled spraying machine has small smoke particles and multi-directional aggregation characteristics. The favorable fog particles gather in various directions on the opposite side of the branches and leaves, as well as in the body of insects. Under small policies, the aggregation rate is higher, such as the antennae and hair of insects, which is one of the reasons for the good prevention and control effect of pests and diseases. The self-propelled spraying machine has a small smoke particle size and a large number of fog particles. The experimental results indicate that the more mist particles per unit area, the better the control effect. A large number of fog particles are diffuse and evenly distributed in space, greatly increasing the chances of contact with bacteria and pests, which is conducive to improving the effectiveness of prevention and control. The advantages and significance of prevention and control in housing (shed) are significant.

The diameter of the mist particles in a self-propelled spraying machine is very small. As is well known, pesticide mist has small particles and good control effects, which can kill pests in thick canopies and even gaps in bark. The self-propelled sprayer smoke diffuses, spreads, and suspends in the space, particularly effective in killing flying insects.

The self-propelled spraying machine is a type of barley crop dosing machine that can provide driving and walking power on its own, and can complete its own work without the need for other power. It belongs to a type of plant protection machinery, and the self-propelled dosing machine is widely used for the dosing and fertilization of crops. The spray has large width, large capacity, high efficiency and better performance: good atomization, anti migration, sectional design of forged aluminum anti-corrosion spray rod. Automatic expansion, easy operation, unique three cylinder diverter valve design and configuration, good controllability, compact structure, elegant appearance, strong practicability, self dosing machine spray width, large capacity, high efficiency, better performance: good atomization, good migration resistance, cross section design using forged aluminum anti-corrosion treatment spray bar, automatic expansion, easy operation, unique three cylinder diverter valve design and configuration, good controllability, compact structure, elegant appearance, Strong practicality.

The advantages of self-propelled sprayers improve drug efficacy. Small droplets are easily absorbed by pests and diseases, which can significantly improve the therapeutic effect of drugs; Extend the validity period and reduce the dosage; Improve the coverage rate of active ingredients and increase the coverage density; Improve the adhesion of pesticide particles on the treated surface and enhance the surface energy of drug particles; High efficiency, low labor intensity, no need to go to the field, and will not damage crops; The working area is not limited by terrain conditions; Save medicine and water, be more environmentally friendly, and reduce resource costs; Remote control operation to avoid the risk of pesticide exposure by spraying operators and improve the safety of spraying operations; The downward airflow generated by the rotor helps to increase the infiltration of fog into crops and make the soil more fertile.