What are the benefits of corn sprayers

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Corn has become an important food product in China, and the planting area will further expand, which is closely related to our daily lives. If you want to increase the related yield of corn, sometimes it is inevitable to use drugs when planting. Corn sprayer is a very important tool that can reduce the labor intensity of farmers. Especially in summer, this is a blessing. In the past, completing this task took several hours, but now it can be almost completed in half of the time.

Corn sprayer is a kind of spray suitable for barley crops. Due to the relatively high frame of the spraying truck, it can walk in corn fields and is less likely to harm crops. The utility model has the advantages of large charge amount, high spray efficiency and good atomization effect.

The corn spray saves manpower and time. Evenly spray to improve efficacy. Large scale pest control to avoid migration during the pest control process. Applying drugs to corn itself is even more difficult. After all, this plant is very tall. In the past, when spraying medication, everyone had some difficulties. Sometimes their shoulders swell after work. The corn sprayer was invented to solve this problem. Using high-tech means, the spraying frame is very high, allowing for walking in the corn field without damaging the crops. Large charge, high spray efficiency, especially good atomization effect.

There are many kinds of machinery related to corn spray, including overhead spray, high pole spray, spray and pesticide distributor. The choice depends on the type of corn and usage conditions. Like the first machine, it is mainly suitable for corn initial spraying. This process is crucial and related to the later harvest. This type consists of a spraying truck and a spraying rod, and the operation is not too difficult. The latter is mainly used for disease and pest control in the later stages of corn. The amount of medication used is not too large, so it is not difficult to carry them. By using this agricultural machinery, we also avoid wrapping ourselves up and intentionally drilling into corn fields. There is no sunlight on your head, and there is no need to worry about corn leaves scratching your face. This is very simple and convenient.

The pesticide box of the corn sprayer has a large capacity when used, making it suitable for large-scale operation. Especially in the Northeast region, it has good applicability and can be continuously sprayed for several hours. In the past, it took several people to complete this task, but now it can basically be completed by one person. In addition, according to the model of the machine, there are three wheels and four wheels. Each driving force is very different and can adapt to different locations. There are many insecticides in this machine, so it is necessary to read the relevant instructions in advance when using it to avoid wasting relevant drugs. Especially if you want to use it to spray other crops, it is necessary to know in advance.

At present, corn sprayers are widely used in China. Especially, the country has introduced many policies to subsidize corn cultivation, which greatly improves the level of corn cultivation for farmers. The use of corn spray is also very popular. Its large-scale use has improved the planting efficiency of corn and eliminated the harm of some insect teeth. Perhaps in the coming years, the promotion speed of this type of machinery will further increase.