What are the precautions when using a self-propelled sprayer

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A self-propelled sprayer is a common agricultural machinery that can disperse liquids to achieve large-scale spraying. It is easy to use and convenient to carry. It has become a favorite product for many customers. In recent years, it has become a very important product in agricultural development. When using a self-propelled spraying machine, we should pay attention to its correct use, which can also ensure the service life of the product, so that it can better serve us. So what should we pay attention to when using a self-propelled spraying machine? Let's take a look. When using a self-propelled spraying machine, we should work in sunny weather and good air environment quality. It is not suitable to work in an environment with many people and animals around. Try not to work at night, in foggy and thunderstorm weather, or in hot summer weather. The spraying machine must be able to operate normally, with clean water for trial spraying, and no leakage. The power machine and hydraulic pump operate normally, the drainage is normal, and the pressure regulation is normal.

Then, our operators should receive a certain level of education to understand the performance, usage, and preventive measures of injection, so that errors will not occur. The operator is healthy and free from heart disease, hypertension, mental illness, and drug allergies. When you are emotionally unstable, tired, or drunk, do not work. During the operation process, strictly adhere to the position, do not leave the position, and always pay attention to pedestrian dynamics. Operators should wear complete labor protection equipment and rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing or blowing.

We have provided you with a detailed introduction to the usage of the self-propelled spraying machine. Only by understanding how to use it can we avoid errors and achieve higher work efficiency, so that the product can play its role.

The self-propelled spraying machine is suitable for pest control in forests, nurseries, orchards, and tea gardens, as well as pest control in cotton, wheat, rice, corn, and other large field crops, as well as large-scale grasslands. It is also suitable for disinfection and sterilization in sports venues, docks, stations, buses, passenger trains, urban sewers, heating passages, basements, air voids, and various cargo warehouses.

1. Supporting power: 75 horsepower, driving speed: 20km/h, hydraulic form: six cylinder diaphragm pump.

2. Structural size: (mm) 4100 × two thousand and two hundred × 3100 (transportation status), 4100 × ten thousand × 3100 (working state).

3. Overall weight: (kg) 5000 (unloaded).

4. Volume of medicine tank: (L) 2800.

5. Spray amplitude: (m) 21.

6. Spray rod form: five section, manually folded, spray width of 21m (can be closed in sections).

7. Spray bar height: (mm) adjustable from 500 to 1850.

8. The rear wheel track width (mm) is adjustable from 1900 to 2600 by 12. Working pressure: (MPa) 0.2-0.5 adjustable.

9. Liquid pump flow rate: (L/min) 80-100.