Precautions for Four Wheel Dispenser

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The four wheel pesticide applicator is suitable for professional mechanical protection of dry land mechanical sowing, mechanical watering, crop diseases and pests, comprehensive prevention and control, and continuous control operations. This spraying machine compensates for the shortcomings of previous manual spraying machines. Using a spraying machine saves labor and time, improving work efficiency. In addition, the machine adopts a multi diaphragm pump with a large displacement and reliable operation. The four wheel pesticide applicator for flood prevention and drought resistance is relatively suitable for various crops. The product structure is compact and elegant. The spray bar is designed in sections and automatically retracts, making it easy to operate. It can withstand various complications. Agricultural land is a highly efficient assistant for friends, solving problems such as manual labor, uneven spraying, and poor impact.

Precautions for use of four-wheel medicine sprayer: the oil of self-propelled spray sprayer should be changed after 5 hours of use, and then the oil should be changed every 30 hours. When changing the oil, both the transmission system and the pump body must be replaced. When changing the oil, be sure to replace it when the engine is warm up. Generally speaking, after 50 hours of operation of a four wheel applicator, a new filter should be replaced. After working for three to five minutes, turn off the four wheel applicator. Remove the drain plug to drain the dirty oil, and then add new oil. Pay attention to measuring the oil level.

The air filter element should be regularly inspected, and when the four-wheel applicator feels weak or difficult to operate, attention should be paid to cleaning the filter. Paper filter cartridges must be blown with a fan to prevent dust from coming out. The sponge filter element can be installed and used after being cleaned with soapy water or other detergents and dried. After each operation of the four wheel pesticide applicator, pay attention to checking whether all working components are loose and tighten them in a timely manner. After each operation, pour in clean water and rinse the medicine bucket, pump body, and tube gun.

Hedging measures in different situations. Although the safety factor of the four wheel applicator is very high, it cannot be careless. The operation of the four wheel pesticide applicator has strict labor protection measures, and it is not allowed to dismantle labor protection equipment arbitrarily. During operation, strictly follow the operating procedures and do not engage in activities unrelated to spraying. When liquid splashes onto personnel's skin, face, and eyes, it should be immediately rinsed with water.

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