16t Mini Truck Crane with Hydraulic Winch

20t Mini Truck Crane with Hydraulic Winch

                  High quality 16 ton Mobile hydraulic Truck Cranes


 More excellent performance
• The optimizing layout of the machine makes the stress of the main bearing carriers more reasonable, and the lifting performance is higher than the products with the same tonnage.

• Apply the mature jib technique which integrates plug-in boom head, embedded boom block, and special telescoping mechanism, which makes the jib more stable and reliable .
• Optimize the stress design. Adopt the box-type outriggers which have larger span, stronger rigidity, and better stability.
More reliable quality
• Adopt the classic K series jib telescoping technique, working safer and more reliable .

• Make the most complete safety device system in the industry, ensuring the lifting safer and more reliable .
• The comprehensively upgraded brake system adopts double circuit air pressure design. Multiple systems ensure the brake safety of the truck during travel .
• The intensity and rigidity of the rotary table and frame structure with high rigidity are completely coordinated.
• The perfect integration of the design and structure realizes the automation of welding, which is more reliable .
Easier to maintain
• The optimizing design of the pipeline traces makes the layout more scientific and reasonable, greatly reducing the dismantling and installing time of the pipelines and the maintenance expense.

• Completely upgrade the electrical system. Adopt anti-creep connector clips, greatly prolonging the service life of the parts.
• Adopt K series rope anti-disorder technique, improving the lifting efficiency, reducing the labor intensity, and prolonging the service life of the steel rope.
• The telescoping steel wire rope oriented and protective device avoids the steel wire rope out of the track and broken .
More energy-efficient and environmental friendly
• Adopt double industrial automation control engine, featuring strong power and energy efficiency .

• Under the economical mode, it can meet the engine power requirement of the normal lifting work. Under the high power mode, it can meet the requirement of the high challenge and high efficient lifting work.
• Adopt the advanced matching technique, which makes the design more scientific . It can reduce the consumption of the mechanism, prolong the service life of the machine, and has high residual value.

 Max.toal rated lifting loadt1012162550
 Min.working radiusm33333
 Engine powerKw118118199206177
 Max.travel speedKm/h90909011085
 Base boom lengthm7.9-24.69.93-31.239.9-31.210.5-4010.25-32
 Jib lengthm5.45.4587.38.4-15
 Max.lifting heightm30.5363948.247.5
 Max.working radiusm20242431.1630
 Max.toal rated lifting loadt50607580100
 Min.working radiusm33333
 Engine powerKw248248248268268
 Max.travel speedKm/h110110909090
 Base boom lengthm11.6-43.611.6-43.611.9-42.512-4613.2-50
 Jib lengthm10.1-18.510.1-18.510.5-18.510.5-18.512.5-22.5
 Max.lifting heightm62.462.56363.572
 Max.working radiusm3940404143




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