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New plant protection machinery to fight more efficient

On the morning of July 10, Jilin Province, Lishu County, pear town of spring eye ditch village, 3000 acres of corn production to create a demonstration field, when the big bell mouth, the plant has more than one height, growing maize in the hot The sun shines, glowing bright light, endless blue yarn account, in the black land extension.

A small multi-rotor remote control aircraft and a large helicopter in turn hovering over the cornfield, spray down the white medicine mist, a short time to complete a few acres of corn borers and the size of the disease prevention and control operations.

From Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces and cities plant protection station owners, large farmers and representatives of cooperatives, nearly 150 people, participated in by the National Agricultural Technology Center organized in Siping City, "the new plant protection machinery for the prevention and control of corn pest training class" And observe the Lishu County corn specialization of anti-rule demonstration site. "Really open the eyes of the original pesticide there are so modern machinery ... ..." from the Lishu County, a farm machinery cooperatives Fan Bingxu, to the same to watch the villagers Zheng Guifang exclaimed.

In the demonstration site, stands a "giant" type of plant protection machinery, but also to nearly 70 years of the old Fan was surprised. The rear of the spray bar, such as "Transformers" as slowly from the fold-like expansion, the formation of a length of 21 meters wide "wings" in the "whining" roar, while spraying side to corn field The

The "Big Mac" is a self-propelled high-profile sprayer sprayer for use in large-scale farms, introduced by Beijing Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. from Italy.

"This is the world's most advanced, specifically for corn and other high-stalk crops on the use of pesticide spraying machinery, the track can be based on crop cultivation mode in the 2.25 ~ 3 meters between the adjustment; cab from 50 cm To 2.8 meters high; the operating height of the spray bar, from the ground 50 cm adjustable to 3.8 meters. "Feng Mao plant protection company chairman Zhao Jin Kai said, it is particularly worth mentioning that this machine can be used computer precision control per acre spraying pesticides Of the dose, the unique design of the wind curtain, the liquid can be evenly sprayed to the upper and lower parts of corn plants, for the late corn pest control effect is very good.

According to reports, this "giant" of the medicine box can hold 2.2 tons of liquid, 300 acres per hour can be operated. Although its operating efficiency is high, but the price is also a lot of money, each priced at 1.8 million yuan, in addition to large farms, the general small-scale plant protection cooperatives are affordable.

To this end, Beijing Fengmao Plant Protection Company and foreign counterparts, according to China's actual national conditions, developed a medium-sized self-propelled high-level spray gun sprayer, but also to the scene to demonstrate. Its main function and that "giant" close, but the head was significantly smaller, the drug box into 1.2 tons, spray bar to 15 meters, about 180 acres per hour can be operated at about 500,000 yuan, About to reduce the cost of 1.3 million yuan.

"The two machines are the most important features, are using the most advanced spray system, droplet distribution is very uniform, you can set the amount of spray per acre spray evenly on the crop, in the efficient control at the same time, To achieve green. "Zhao said that the introduction.

After seeing the price of 500,000 yuan of plant protection machinery after the demonstration, Fan Bingxu a little heart, intends to go back with the other members of the co-owner together, for both to buy a plant protection services to help villagers to solve the late growth in the corn Pesticide difficult problem.

Fan Bingxu told reporters: "The majority of young people in the village are going out to work, leaving the staff for the old and young, so that we left the old villagers to drill into the ground, carrying 30 kilos of medicine pots for a long time And no one is willing to do, plus the weather is hot, they might be poisoned to the late corn, many villagers had to give up control.

It is understood that Siping City is China's gold corn belt and grain-producing areas, the average yield of corn ranks first in the country, but China's average yield of corn and the United States and other developed countries compared to lower than one-third.

The reason, the experts analysis, in addition to varieties and cultivation mode, China and developed countries, the gap between the yield of corn, mainly in the late corn pest control.

"In recent years, China's plant protection machinery has developed by leaps and bounds, with the small remote control aircraft, helicopters and self-propelled high-altitude spray bar sprayer application, China's plant protection operations have been achieved from the 'back machine to machine back "The use of new plant protection machinery coupled with efficient plant protection program, to promote China's largest food crop corn green pest control, do disaster prevention and mitigation work," said Shao Zhenrun, director of the National Agricultural Technology Center, Boosted confidence.